Fruit Nukes


122 years ago, the great great grandfather of Fruit Nukes founder, Jon Jacobian, was struck by a gang of wild fruit peddlers bound for a free life in Florida. Jacobian sr. never saw who threw that pineapple, but stayed tight on their trail for decades, searching, hunting, and eventually developing an unnatural hatred for all fruit in general.

He took on the identity of Fruit Nukem, a wiley, fruit bounty hunter, who, ironically, bought and used fruit as his weapon of choice and his target. He invented the super target, The Fruit Nuke, a binary explosive crafted from a secret recipe activated by a well aimed precision projectile. Our founder’s story has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a super society of fruit hunters seeking revenge. Time has come to expand the Fruit Nukers, carry on Fruit Nukem’s dream, and destroy all fruit!

When your target needs a whopping dose of WTF (What the fruit?), place a bag of Fruit Nukes downrange and have at it. Upgrade your boring old target with a pound of Fruit Nukes for the instant shot alert you have dreamed of. Fruit Nukes’ proprietary target indicator blend is the boomiest and loudest exploding target you will find.

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